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Welcome to the world of eCommerce, a world where just about everything can be purchased on the internet in every size, color, shape, quantity, and quality.  No matter what you are shopping for, you can always find something that fits your mind’s idea of the perfect item.  For example, there is an online retail market for everything from small items like clothes and makeup all the way up to large automobile retailers who offer used car delivery.  No matter what you are looking for, it makes sense to start with the internet.

However, for some people, shopping can be difficult because the places they want to shop or wish they could shop do not offer an inclusive product lineup.  

If you have decided to open an online clothing store, it is essential that you thoughtfully prepare for starting that business, and one of the steps involved is ensuring that your store is inclusive and caters to people of all walks of life.  

Purchasing and stocking plus size clothing is essential, not only because it expands your market range and helps your brand’s image, it is also an ethical step to make.  So here’s where you should be looking if you want to become the best possible online clothing retailer you can be.

What is Plus Size Clothing?

If you have any experience in the retail clothing space, you have no doubt heard this term before.  However, it can be really helpful in trying to understand how and why to stock plus size clothing to hear a summary.  Plus size clothing, in short, is the term used to describe individuals who are on the larger end of the sizing spectrum.  Other common words used to describe plus size are curvy, full-figured, and voluptuous.  

However, for many years, people who were full-figured were excluded and ostracized from the fashion industry.  Thin models took over, and the entire fashion design industry decided that larger individuals and people who did not fit the “ideal” body type would be completely cut off from any sort of fast fashion or cute clothing.

Upt until recently, there has been a huge stigma surrounding those who are plus size.  People make assumptions about their lifestyles, claiming that they live unhealthy lives, eat poorly, and make bad decisions.  In the past decade or so, however, several celebrities have come forward to celebrate the idea that big is in fact beautiful and that just because you do not fit the “ideal body type” of a certain industry does not mean you are not beautiful and deserving of feeling and looking good.

This has caused a huge shift in the fashion industry, with several brands beginning to design, market, model, and sell clothes for those who are size 14 and up.  

Why Inclusivity is Essential: Sell Plus Size Clothing

Inclusivity is important in any market.  No matter what you sell, making sure that you sell to a large and inclusive segment of people is one of the most important factors.  According to market research, plus size clothing is the fastest growing segment in the apparel industry, and it accounts for over 21 billion dollars of annual revenue.  Over half of women between the ages of 18 to 65 wear sizes 14 or larger, which is where the term plus size is usually used.  

So, if you are not fully sold on being inclusive and selling plus size clothing based on the ethical nature of making sure anyone can buy clothes from you, maybe those statistics will sway you.  

Essentially, if you do not stock plus size clothing, you are missing out on almost half of your revenue stream.

How to Sell and Market Plus Size Clothing

Any time you are looking to begin selling something new, it is important to learn the best ways to market that product and actually sell it.  

The key to offering plus size clothing for your boutique is having a large variety of sizes in stock and available for your clients to purchase.  For example, try to avoid picking just an XL and a 2xL and calling it a day.  Instead, realize that your clients are humans who come in all shapes and sizes, so you want to shop for clothing that reflects that.  GIve them options, and let them express themselves no matter what size they wear.  

In some ways, this goes back to the conversation about inclusivity.  Imagine that you had chosen to shop for something that you really wanted, but when you finally got around to looking for it, the place you wanted to buy it from did not offer it in your size.  No matter what size you are, that would probably feel a bit disappointing and would make you question whether or not you really wanted to spend your money at that store.

When it comes to marketing your plus size clothing, it really comes down to terminology.  Make sure you are not using degrading language or any language that comes across as hurtful, negative, or disrespectful.  Remember, no matter what you sell or who you sell it to, the people shopping at your boutique are just individuals with feelings and a desire to wear your product and look cute while doing it.  Use the terminology listed above; words like full-figured or curvy go a long way.  Just like you wouldn’t market a size 00 as “abnormally thin-sized”, you would absolutely never want to use any degrading language when marketing plus size clothing either.  

How to Select a Vendor

The next step in selling plus size clothing is selecting your wholesaler.  If you are a boutique that sells any amount of clothing, you probably do not have enough inventory to keep up your own stock, so you are looking for a boutique company to step in and take over the back-end requirements of stocking your clothing for you.  

  • Quick, reliable shipping: when you are stocking a boutique, you need to know that the products you buy are going to get to you when you need them, no questions asked and no hassles.  We are committed to providing quality wholesale clothing and quick shipping, even during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Business supporting businesses: we are a business that is dedicated to providing you and your boutique with quality service, and our apparel lineup is designed in that way.  Currently, we have a 15% off sale on any order of $300 or more.    
  • We are here for you” We are committed to supporting your business by providing safe practices and the quickest shipping in the entire wholesale clothing industry.  
  • Great deals: we focus on offering a wide range of wholesale fashion clothing for your boutique, meaning that you can offer plus size clothing in any style that you want!  We strive to support your search for inclusivity as your one stop shop for wholesale clothing. 

Examples of Trending Plus Size Clothing

If you are looking for ideas for plus size clothing, here are some of the most popular items currently available in the wholesale market:

  • Athleisure: Athleisure wear is one of the current bestsellers at any size, but the plus size market is also selling quite a lot.  Plus size joggers and tops are a great way to demonstrate that you are dedicated to providing products for any size, because often, athleisure is only marketed to smaller individuals.    
  • Dresses: Plus size people want to look and feel beautiful too! Dresses are always a great thing to have in stock, because they are often best sellers as well.  Look for cute prints, seasonal designs, and dresses in all sizes to complete an inclusive offering.
  • Jeans: Denim of any kind is great year round, and jeans are a great thing to keep in stock.  They’re a perfect addition to any outfit, can work in almost any weather, and always look good.  Get yours from us and make sure you get them in plus size.  

In Summary

Your boutique is off to a great start, but you want to make sure that you orient yourself in a way that provides clothing in an inclusive way without being cost effective.  That’s where we come in, as Los Angeles’ premier wholesale boutique fashion destination since 1985.  We are dedicated to providing you and your boutique with the best shot at creating an inclusive and accepting store for anyone to shop at.  This article provides you with the best tips for finding wholesale plus size, marketing it, and selling it and why those are all important.  If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us! We love to hear from our clients at any time.  




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