Some Important Questions To Ask Your Wholesale Clothing Supplier

If you are purchasing wholesale clothing for resale you will be well aware that the retail market is tremendously competitive – and one of the only ways that you can be assured that your business will rise above the competition is to find a wholesale partner who will provide excellent services and great value.

However, prior to choosing that USA wholesale clothing supplier there are certain factors that you should take into account – and some questions that need to be asked of the potential supplier.

Here are some of the questions where the answers will provide you with the peace of mind that your business will flourish in a highly competitive market.

Understanding the services that your wholesaler offers can be pivotal in assuring the success of the relationship. It offers you an insight into just how you will be handling logistics, your choice of items – and how they can assist in optimizing stock and the supply chain. Get more insight into whether they manufacture the items that you wish to stock, are they a wholesaler or do they act as an agent for other manufacturers?

Capacity is important, especially given the sometimes fickle nature of consumer taste. Make sure that the supplier has the capacity to meet your needs – and how long it will take to fulfill orders. 

Ask what items move most quickly. This question allows you to firstly get an insight into whether they have the capacity to meet your unique needs – and the needs of your customers. Secondly, it may provide valuable information on the state of the market – and gauge market demand for various items or lines. If your boutique or retail operation focuses on a specific niche, for instance, sportswear it makes sense to select a wholesaler who has experience in this area and will be able to fulfill orders quickly and efficiently

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